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Furnace Cleaning/Inspection

Our cleaning packages are designed to: 

  • Optimize full life expectancy of your equipment
  • Provide efficient cost-effective operation
  • Correct potential problems before they start Have equipment meet manufacturers safety and operating standards
  • Help minimize breakdowns
  • Provide a written report with recommendations for any services that are required 

A Furnace Inspection Package includes the following:

  • Electronically analyze for the presence of carbon monoxide and combustible gases and leave a printout of results Inspect heat exchanger for cleanliness and possible cracks or other defects
  • Check main burner and pilot for cleanliness, ignition of main burner and safety controls for proper operation and correct setting
  • Check operation of blower assembly, adjust as required and inspect blower belt for deterioration Lubricate motors and other moving parts
  • Check and adjust fan control as required
  • Check blower motor amperage Inspect condition of chimney and/or venting system
  • Complete a venting spillage test
  • Check temperature rise and adjust if necessary
  • Check filter and air distribution system for blockages or other obstructions
  • Check for sufficient combustion air
  • Ensure furnace meets Fuel Safety Regulations
  • Inspect humidifier damper for proper seasonal setting 

A Deluxe Furnace Cleaning Package includes the Furnace Inspection and the following:

  • Clean main burner and pilot assembly
  • Clean blower assembly
  • Replace blower belt where necessary
  • Clean or replace filter as required (standard filters only)

If you have a boiler or fan coil unit please call us for more details.