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Ultra Violet Air Treatment

What can the “The Germinator “Air Treatment System do for you? 

Ultra Violet UVC is particularly effective at controlling airborne pollutants like mold, virus, bacteria & microbials. First utilized by Danish Nobel laureate Dr. Niels Finsen, Ultra Violet is now used in many of our hospitals & medical centers to control airborne infectious agents. These unique, air quality devices can be installed in our own heating & cooling systems to improve the “Health of our Indoor Air”. 

Dual Technology – The Germinator works 2 ways to purify your indoor air. 

First, we electronically create wavelengths of UVC Ultra Violet light using our GCA process - “Germicidal Cleansing Action”. These high potency wavelengths work to kill & control airborne microbials by penetrating their cells. This sterilizing “GCA” process helps to disinfect & purify our indoor air. Next we add our PRT - “Parabolic Reflective Technology”. The Clean Comfort Ultra Violet reflective technology dramatically enhances performance by boosting the UVC “killing” effect. (Up to 90%) This means Dual Technology is at work to help cleanse & purify your indoor air. 

Note: In some areas air cleaning products are covered by medical insurance and may also be tax deductible, if prescribed by a physician. This will vary according to local legislation. Please download the form and have it signed by your physician.